Blue sky launches New Website

Written By Mike Schatz • 07.10.2018

If you’re reading this then you know our new website is up, running and ready to add your work to it. Hopefully you are finding the site to be easy to navigate while thinking to yourself, “Wow, I had no idea Blue Sky could handle digital, social, and design websites all while providing branding, strategy, media, and traditional creative needs!” Yes, we know that nobody really thinks like that. And, yes, we really are truly a full-service agency. Everything from new product launches to blimp launches to designing websites like ours.
Our own Sadie Lesko, Art Director and the designer of this site says, “The website was built to showcase our award-winning portfolio and promote our services in a clear and concise way, while exploring a unique yet functional layout and dynamic imagery. Using a mobile-first approach, the design and imagery reflect the flavor and grit of West Midtown, where we call home.”
Even though that sounds like something Alexa would say, Sadie’s right and also very nice for not mentioning that our last website fell short of being user friendly. It was kind of clunky. Not that easy to update. In short, we’re sorry if you ever had to deal with that. We’re so sorry, in fact, that we created this video for you as a way of saying, “Never again."

Also, in the spirit of new beginnings, we're relaunching our social channels, so be sure to follow us to see what we’re up to and be on the look out for the the Blue Sky Toy Tournament - it’s going to be an epic battle of your favorite toys from the past, present and future.