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Written By Blue Sky Agency • 07.02.2020

Blue Sky Agency has added an exciting brand to our roster of clients. Welcome to Camp Razor.

Written By Blue Sky Agency • 06.30.2020

Early in my career, I worked with a talented creative director who taught me an important lesson: The quality of work improves in direct correlation with the number of people involved. 

Written By Blue Sky Agency • 06.22.2020

“When we emerge from this situation, and we will, the dynamics of the media ecosystem will be vastly different.”

Written By Blue Sky Agency • 03.27.2020

Blue Sky Agency is thrilled to formally announce Mariana Costa as our new Executive Creative Director. Mariana brings over 20 years of major brand experience to her role and is an amazing addition to the agency’s executive leadership team.

Written By Rob Farinella • 09.24.2019

It’s 1994. I’ve arrived in Atlanta with my young family in tow, determined to build a successful agency based on a foundation of confidence, collaboration and community.

There were more than a few obstacles to overcome, of course. Chief among them was the fact that I knew no one here. I had to build my community from scratch, so I set myself a goal: I would meet 100 people who were in a position to impact my growing business in a positive way within 100 days.

Written By Blue Sky Agency • 08.02.2019

25 years ago, I arrived in Atlanta filled with a naive ambition to capitalize on what I’d learned as a 31-year-old advertising professional in New York City and build an agency of my own.

Written By Blue Sky Agency • 07.18.2019

Blue Sky Agency is adding another standout Georgia/Southeastern brand to our roster of clients. After a competitive RFP process, we’re honored and excited to be named Goodwill of North Georgia’s Agency of Record. We look forward to supporting Goodwill’s mission of putting people to work and are ready for the opportunity to grow their brand. By doing so, we will help empower our community.