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Club Clarity

After working remotely and the challenges of Pandemic Livin’, we wanted to make sure we were staying connected not just as coworkers–but as people. And we knew everyone needed an outlet. Thus, Club Clarity was born. A (for the time being) virtual space where we could focus on fun, celebrating one another, and self expression. It started with a Slack Channel and building some mysterious hype within the agency. Monthly themes and opportunities to share were planned out, with the Blue Sky Spotlight up for the first month. Everyone got a chance to sign up for a block of time to share a skill, talent, or passion with their fellow club members. We ended up hosting a drag show, a cooking demonstration, a comedic character study, video game streaming, dog training, and musical performances. All from Blue Sky’s own employees. These quick spotlights at the end of the day allowed us all to get inspired and support one another. Turnout for the Club exceeded our expectations–we had to start sending out a Zoom link in the channel because we maxed out the number of people in Slack group calls. We’re looking forward to bringing a little extra clarity and connection to the team each month.
“Clarity is the essence of light. Light is the essence of inspiration. And inspiration is the essence of creativity. What we wanted to accomplish with Club Clarity is sharing that spark of the divine, filtered through the stained-glass ennui of our day to day, to better illuminate the beauty and connections that are all around us. And free lunch for participating.”
Phillip Jones
Club Clarity Founder
“Clarity is not a concept. It is not a club. It is a way of living... Kidding. Honestly, we needed a fun way to bring back some human connection, while we are all working separately from home. We wanted a way to see some personality between all our video calls, and remind everyone of the real people behind the screens." ​
Matthew Richardson
Club Clarity Founder


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