Within the Atlanta area there is great competition from family-focused attractions – many significantly outspending Stone Mountain Park. This required us to be smart about media allocation to be sure every dollar was spent with purpose and showed positive ROI. The most immediate opportunity lay with their paid digital efforts – which historically included premium units only on the local newspaper’s website, with CTR as the key measure of success.

THE Clarity

Understanding their goal of driving transactions and revenue, we felt this approach left them vulnerable to eliminating partners that were under-performing in CTR, but were actually driving revenue. Further, while premium units made sense to generate broad local awareness around key promotions, they were missing the opportunity to align the message with travel related content, as well as using an automated platform to optimize towards conversion. With the addition of endemic and programmatic tactics, we adjusted our KPI to revenue conversion and put tracking mechanisms in place to show return on our investment.


The refinement of Stone Mountain Park’s paid digital efforts has yielded great results, including over 4:1 return on investment, an increase in attributable revenue of 35% ($1 million), and a reduction in CPA of 50%.

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