Explore Georgia

Georgia Department of Economic Development

The Overview

A better understanding of Georgia’s visitor trends led us to re-evaluate every aspect of our marketing strategy from media to creative.


Georgia Tourism was suffering from a few challenges: reduced ad budgets, dated perceptions, a competitive landscape and the need to message the State’s many diverse offerings. At the same time, the visitor profile was also shifting to include a more diverse and younger travel party. 

It became clear GA Tourism needed to shift their approach to media and messaging to compete in this new world.



We breathed new life into our approach by studying visitor data, seeking feedback from our partners and engaging in honest dialogue about what today’s Georgia visitor really wants. This drove a shift in market priorities, product messaging, media channels and target audience.

This shift allowed us to embrace the diversity of the state and GA Tourism’s dedicated social media following to create a user-generated content campaign. Through the curated content, we showcase true stories of Georgia’s landscape, culture and unique destinations to inspire travel to and around our state, without the cost burden of frequent productions.


Initial research results show the positive impact of the campaign on interest (150% more likely to seek information) and intent to travel to Georgia (75% more likely to visit).