Pretty Sweet

Georgia Department of Economic Development


A changing visitor profile and increased competition from surrounding states led us to re-examine our past and our future.  


GA Tourism was suffering from a few challenges - lack of funding for ad budgets, low brand awareness, and the need to message so many diverse offerings within the State. At the same time, the visitor profile was also shifting to a more diverse and younger travel party. It became clear GA Tourism needed a unifying voice to reach this new visitor and to make their limited dollars work even harder.


The campaign in place for more than a decade was sentimental and conjured up a spirit of the “Old South,” and not the vibrant Georgia of today. To contemporize the brand, we married the idea of Southern sensibilities with modern possibilities and introduced an experience-driven campaign called “Pretty. Sweet.” We built a platform for celebrating everything the state has to offer from mountains to seashores, barbeque to seafood, highlighting activities and experiences attractive to millennials and families alike. By focusing on key feeder markets and a multichannel media strategy, we also drove efficiency in the media buy to make it work harder.


GA Tourism’s revenues rose 3% in year one and 3.5% in year two, and the Pretty Sweet campaign generated a seven point increase in ad awareness - results that were driven without significant media budget increases.