go #goodwilling

goodwill of north georgia

the overview

We educated consumers about Goodwill’s mission, helping North Georgians find meaningful employment, while elevating their status as a uniquely affordable and fun retailer. 

the situation

Goodwill of North Georgia was well-known as a popular donation center for years, but they were ready to raise brand awareness and increase retail sales to support their mission of putting people to work. We developed their first-ever shopper-focused advertising campaign to put Goodwill in the consideration set of thrifting and budget shoppers.

Blue sky thinking

We did our research and knew we had to connect the dots for consumers between donating, shopping, and the community impact. We showed them that their passion for fashion, as well as giving back, go hand-in-hand with Goodwill. We established the Cycle of Good—how good donations become good purchases, which lead to good jobs—and how supporting their neighbors is as easy as going shopping or dropping off gently used items. We set out to show that all you have to do to make good happen is Go #Goodwilling. This positioned the brand as an uplifting retailer and donation center with a more contemporary energy.

We developed an integrated plan to marry mass awareness media with always-on digital targeting. New merchandise is making its way onto the sales floor all the time. While some thrifters may check their favorite store for new deals frequently, it’s important to remind casual shoppers that new opportunities are arriving at Goodwill every day. We can reach these shoppers in the channels they are on every day. 


Overall, we saw a 49% return on overall media spend including $141,600 in negotiated added value.

Total transactions in the month following campaign launch were up 3.10% YoY. Donations peaked a few weeks later, resulting in a 15.48% increase YoY.