look of the game

The chick-fil-a peach bowl

the overview

We helped the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl brand themselves as a premiere gameday experience for all college football fans featuring hard-hitting matchups against two of the top four teams in the country for this year’s Semifinal Game.

the situation

As part of the New Year’s Six, the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl hosted its second Semifinal Playoff Game in 2019 with the #1 vs  #4 teams competing for a chance to move on to the National Championship.

With all eyes on the Peach Bowl, we needed to build anticipation around one of college football’s biggest matchups of the year and heighten the excitement of the Semifinal Game.

Blue sky thinking

While we faced limitations on not knowing which teams would make it into the Peach Bowl and the use of real athlete photography, we were tasked with creating a dynamic, action-driven look to position the game as a must-see event.


This led us to develop a look that portrayed the high-stakes and emotion of the game through the use of various design elements but more specifically, through the players we chose in our key art. We transformed generic stock players to be ownable for each team - branding them in their full uniforms - while still making sure the players were unrecognizable as to not use their likeness. The result was impactful in showing the bigness of the game while providing ownership to the teams as they advanced in the playoffs.