Blue sky agency launches digital video campaign for staybridge suites

Written By Blue Sky Agency • 06.21.2018

Multi-channel brand campaign takes a fresh perspective.

The Staybridge Suites brand, an upscale extended stay hotel under the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) umbrella, announces the launch of its newest brand campaign. This campaign lives up to its new tagline, Hugely Different, as the brand’s first video-driven campaign.

The campaign, created by Atlanta-based Blue Sky Agency, positions the Staybridge Suites brand as a different kind of hotel for a different kind of traveler. This viewpoint inspired a unique creative concept ̶ showcasing the hotel from the point of view of a traveler’s luggage. After all, the most experienced travelers are the rolling suitcases or laptop bags that accompany every guest. What are their thoughts? What do they think of Staybridge Suites? The Hugely Different campaign gives these bags a humorous voice, allowing them to highlight the benefits of a Staybridge Suites hotel in an unexpected way.

Mike Schatz, Senior Vice President at Blue Sky, talked about his team’s approach: “Everyone can connect with the suitcase—whether it’s a symbol of vacation, or work, or something in between… shifting away from just generic shots of people lets us be more human. The observational humor works harder and lets the bags do the talking.”

Placements for the campaign range from promoted Facebook posts, to 15-second programmatic pre-roll spots, to digital banners, to radio ads on Pandora Radio.

Blue Sky has worked with IHG brands for 7+ years and continues to find new ways to push the envelope. Throughout the summer, the Hugely Different campaign can be viewed on Staybridge Suite’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. The brand’s YouTube channel will also host the video spots.

Staybridge Suites is an innovative, all-suite hotel brand designed to meet the needs of extended stay guests seeking a warm sense of community in a home-like environment that is perfect for business, relocation and vacations. The Staybridge Suites brand continues to grow rapidly with 238 hotels open across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

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