The Challenge

After a successful launch in year one we asked ourselves how we could improve the reach and impact of Northside Hospital’s Cancer Institute. While we were pleased with the community impact and business results we’d already generated, we need to turn our campaign launch into sustained success.

The Solution

In the first phase of the campaign, we established Northside Hospital Cancer Institute as a compassionate, comprehensive cancer center with the size and strength to serve Georgia. Research showed that while this was effective in increasing awareness, there was an opportunity to further emphasize Northside’s leadership and expertise versus the competition. Because we were facing competitors who could make stronger claims based on research and trials, we had to find a unique angle. Careful study of our brand health data revealed that our audience ranks “treats the most kinds of cancer” as one of their highest decision making criteria when choosing a cancer program. If we could communicate the sheer number of doctors, specialties and types of cancer Northside treats we would be able to continue taking share from the competition. This evolution of our Built to Beat Cancer campaign positioned Northside as a team of experts in specific cancers who provide some of the best personalized care in the country. No other hospital system can match the size of the NHCI network or the number of elite specialists and leaders in their field. When we say we are Built to Beat Cancer, we let the numbers boldly speak for themselves.
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The Results

Multiple media channels are increasing awareness and engagement with NHCI and its digital properties. Our digital campaign is surpassing its click goal by 41% and garnering an above average CTR, and year over year, call center volume is up an average of 42%. With a brand health tracker in place, NHCI is able to gauge and optimize key metrics like awareness, message recall, and competitive positioning over time.

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