The Challenge

While Northside Hospital enjoyed a strong reputation and leadership position as a valued community brand, they were a relative newcomer when trying to launch their Orthopedic Institute in 2019. And in addition to having no real track record in orthopedics, they had to compete with Resurgens and Emory who had developed strong reputations and relationships in orthopedics and sports medicine over the years.

The Solution

Through key hires and community partnerships, the Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute (NHOI) was established. For launch, we were tasked with building awareness and market share for NHOI by introducing them to the market and also providing targeted support of key business units (Arthritis & Total Joint, Sports Medicine and Spine). Our primary opportunity was to communicate that the expertise, leadership and strength of the Northside Hospital brand is now available for orthopedic services; only Northside has the strength to bring a lifetime of elite orthopedic care to more Georgians. This strategy led us to an integrated media plan that encompassed traditional and streaming radio, outdoor, programmatic, search, and social media. A heavy up at launch allowed us to build quick reach in the face of limited awareness and competitive pressure in the market, while digital tactics allowed us to provide ongoing continuity and patient targeting throughout the remainder of the flight.
Social Ads
Social Ads

The Results

The initial launch of the campaign drove record increases in new patient acquisition, appointments and revenue across all orthopedic specialties. Additionally, the campaign drove a 66% increase in surgical revenue and a 50% increase in new patient acquisition for the Sports Medicine practice. The brand health tracker has also shown year over year gains in unaided awareness, perceptions of expertise and likelihood to choose.

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