The Challenge

Despite Northside Hospital’s strong reputation and position as a valued community brand, awareness levels were very low for the Cancer Institute and they were known mainly as a baby factory. With cancer rates on the rise, it was imperative we get the message out about NHCI’s world-class care available in Atlanta’s backyard.

The Solution

Through our discovery phase, we uncovered the powerful community of care that defines the Northside Hospital brand and the Cancer Institute’s compassionate approach to treating cancer. We also recognized that people engaged in a cancer battle demand authority, leadership, and results when seeking care. As a community brand, it was essential that NHCI address this very tension when communicating its message. This led us to a bold, technology-influenced campaign that highlighted the people at the center of this battle. And it led us to an integrated media plan that started with a local Super Bowl ad and expanded to include radio, outdoor, programmatic, search, and social media. This allowed NHCI to raise awareness overnight, and then continue the dialogue across all consumer touchpoints.

The Results

The first phase of the campaign drove incredible performance. From the high impact launch on the Super Bowl to delivering over 41 million social media impressions, we surrounded our audience with the Built to Beat Cancer campaign. The brand enjoyed a 5% increase in brand awareness, stole market share from the competition on key metrics including “is a leader in cancer” and a 42% increase in call center volume.

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