The Challenge

Staybridge Suites has a loyal following among their business travelers, with guests enjoying their social atmosphere and ability to feel at home while on extended stays. But they didn’t make the consideration set for weekend and leisure travel. How could we turn our biggest advocates into weekend travelers?

The Solution

We knew that Friday’s business traveler is Saturday’s leisure seeker, so we focused on the young parents within our existing business guests. Seeing that > 80% of leisure travel happens within a four-hour drive of home, we positioned Staybridge Suites as an exciting, no-stress spot for a family weekend getaway. There are a lot of reasons why Staybridge Suites is great for budget-minded business travelers. But that convenient environment with spacious suites and fully-equipped kitchens are also perfect for family weekend getaways. So why not convince business travelers to extend their stay and get the family to join them? We partnered with photographer Kate Parker, who has gained an international following with her empowering series of work Strong is the New Pretty. Kate took a very candid approach to the shoot, which allowed her to capture very real-life moments that paid off our “Long Live Long Weekends” campaign which celebrated extended stays and summer getaways. We showed moms and dads that there was no reason to fear spontaneous road trips would result in logistical hassles and unhappy kids because Staybridge Suites has them covered with swimming pools, a 24/7 pantry and lots of room for the kids to spread out. The social space was the perfect arena for our message, since moms use social media as both an escape from the busy schedule of parenting and a planning resource.

The Results

After a three-month test campaign hotels saw positive growth in weekend bookings, up 9.8% YoY. The first month of the campaign generated three times as many bookings as the month prior, driving the highest conversion rate with the lowest cost per booking vs. historical brand creative. We kept pace throughout the campaign resulting in upward trends across key brand metrics, ultimately opening the door for additional marketing support.

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